Friday, October 06, 2017

LG V30 limits color choice to silver in US Launch

I have become interested in purchasing a new LG V30 phone as a an upgrade to my current Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge? I am interested in the V30 because of its enhanced quad dac audio features and its advanced two lens camera and video capabilities. Also, the V30 is the first phone to support T-Mobile's 600 mhz band 71 channel.

To my dismay when I attempted to order the V30 through my carrier T-Mobile, I found that only one color (Silver) was available even though the phone is being manufactured in four colors. I had my heart set on the Moroccan Blue color.

I  have attempted to contact Frank Lee who runs the Mobile Phone division of LG USA by phone and email. LG USA is making a major blunder by limiting the color choice?

Please LG, fix this mistake.

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