Monday, August 11, 2003

Gad the weather is crappy today. We've been in this funk for weeks with awful humidity and overcast skies. I wish for a snow storm to clear this stuff away.

Today is my day to bitch at people. First Comcrap was down for the second time in a week. Tech support clueless as usual. If it's too hard why bother? Then I bugged the Mall people about when they are going to come and trim their trees that hang over my house and threaten to cause great harm! It's only been a month since they first promised they would take care of it.

One redeeming thing I'm doing today is checking out two new music artists I have recently learned about.

First up is Kaki King, a cute 23 year old girl who plays guitar like Michael Hedges and Stanley Jordan. Oh to be young again.

Second is a cool band from NYC called Fuller. Sort of an American Philharmonie. I sent a link to my record friend Steve who probably already knows them? But, I will be interested in what he says.