Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Google Wifi

I just setup the relatively new Google WiFi mesh network devices. I have been using the Google OnHub for more than a year now. The OnHub replaced the massively crappy Actiontec Router that Verizon Fios foists upon their unsuspecting customers and now charges a monthly rental to add insult to injury! The only issue with throwing out the Actiontec in the Fios arrangement is you need a Moca Adapter to provide the networking to the Fios Cable TV boxes so they can get their channel guide data.

To further improve my WiFi in my approximately two thousand square foot house, I got a recent sale price on a 3 pack of the Google WiFi. I had already centrally placed the OnHub in the center of my house on the first floor. I first placed a Google WiFi remote cylinder in  my bedroom. This went smoothly and streaming 4k to my Samsung UHD TV worked well. I also have a Squeezebox Touch setup for a headphone listening station that did not play well with the Google OnHub. I had bought a cheap Ethernet wireless bridge by Vonets that initially worked but then stopped working. I then got the bright idea that I could directly connect the Google WiFi's unused ethernet port to my Squeezebox Touch and bypass the Touch's wifi issues. This is now working very well.

My next location for Google WiFi was my basement. Since all my Internet and network connections come into my basement I decided to hard wire the second Google WiFi into my ethernet network. Basically you setup your mesh location wirelessly first, then plug it into a switch and it will automatically use the faster wired connection while also providing fast a WiFi hotspot for all your devices. Pretty neat!

I highly recommend the new WiFi mesh products such as Google WiFi for all your home networking needs.


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