Friday, February 09, 2007

The Travesty of the Montgomery County Department of Liquor Control

A great article appeared in this week's City Paper about the entity known as the Montgomery County Department of Liquor Control. I have complained about the byzantine system of wine distribution in Montgomery Country for years. I knew it was awful from a consumer standpoint. I had no idea how bad it truly was. I was impressed that Jeff Black owner of several quality restaurants in my area was willing to speak bluntly and on the record.

I am not going to mince words. Montgomery Country, by continuing the travesty that is the DLC, is practicing pure unadulterated Communism. From now on, I will refer to the DLC as the Department of Liquor Communists. The head Commissar of the DLC is George Griffin. He took over the DLC "after disgraced director Howard L. Cook Jr. was forced to leave for misusing a county credit card (among other misdeeds)." The DLC has a wonderfully colorful history.

Among arguments Commissar Griffin puts forth as justification for the DLC's existence are "lower rates of underage drinking and fewer alcohol-related traffic fatalities for people under 21." Well, since the US kills about 50,000 people annually in traffic related deaths (drinking and non-drinking related) why don't we just merge the DLC with the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). Think of how many lives we can save then!

The real reason the DLC exists is money. Some "$22 million" of it according to the article. The Montgomery County government is addicted to this revenue stream just like local and federal governments are addicted to the cash cow of tobacco settlement income. Socialist government's like this love to practice social engineering on it's proletariat by legislating where and when socially unacceptable behavior like drinking and smoking can be conducted. Remember Montgomery County is the place that tried to ban smoking outdoors (Friendship Heights) and ban Santa Claus (Kensington).

The existence of the DLC should be put to a referendum and let the people decide its fate.

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