Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Moduslink Vista Upgrade - Update 1

Today, exactly three months to the day after I first submitted my paperwork, I received a call from the Moduslink Windows Vista Upgrade Redemption center. The pleasant woman on the phone informed me that my COA and POP had been processed and approved. Praise the Gods! She said I should receive the upgrade in March. I certainly hope so.

This has been a lot harder than it should have been but it looks like it has finally been resolved. I remain hopeful the upgrade disc will ship in a timely manner.


Anonymous said...

If you go to the moduslink site to check your order, does it say something other than "COA Validated" for status and does it give a ship date?

Chris said...

I just checked and it says:

POP/COA validated

First time I've seen the POP mentioned in 3 months. Still blank on ship date but I have been assured by a human that it will ship.


Anonymous said...

gah - have the same problem - sent pop in january - email response from moduslink was "we never got them" - so the post office lost all 3 pieces of mail?...
last week i faxed all the info - still nothing has changed on the status page.
anyone have any tips what to do next? :(