Monday, October 09, 2017

LG V30 followup - V20

While pondering my next move with smartphones, I received an email flyer from Newegg which featured the 2016 LG V20. The price caught my eye - $299! Wow. After reviewing the features of the V20 I was even more impressed. The high end audio specs were there (ESS Sabre Dac) and a very good camera as well. Other positives were removeable battery and a slot for a microSD card. It has a Qualcomm 820 processor which is the same as my S7 Edge. It does only come in one color but the phone is completely unlocked so that's another positive since my carrier is T-Mobile.

On the downside, it does not have wireless charging, the newest 835 Qualcomm chip, and the latest camera lens refinements.

But at a differential of $500 (V30 $800), the lack of color choice and other improvements melt away in importance. So, I have ordered the V20. At the least, it will make a very good portable audiophile music player and a fine phone.

Six months down the line, maybe the V30 will drop in price to make it a no brainer upgrade?

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