Friday, March 09, 2007

Moduslink Vista Upgrade - Update 2

Somewhat surprisingly, my Windows Vista Express Upgrade disc arrived in the mail last Friday, March 2, 2006.

Thus, for me, ends a sad tale of simply trying to get what I paid for over three months ago.

My advice to Microsoft: next time skip this nonsense. There was nothing Express about this process. In the future, put the resources into hitting ship dates that mesh with selling periods (e.g. back to school, Christmas) and spare the consumer some grief.

Based on a Google of news stories and blogs, it is apparent that other consumers are still suffering the fallout of the Moduslink Vista Express Meltdown.


Anonymous said...

Congrats. Mine (via Acer) still says "COA validated" and nothing else. I sent email asking what's up and they said (paraphrased) "We still haven't gotten around to your PoP yet."

Unknown said...

I have a "friend" that works at Moduslink and he claims many of the issues that they had was with the OEM's and not Microsoft. Many of the OEM's did not even "approve" shipments for "their" customers until March! I would not count out that Moduslink has some fault but in my opinion Microsoft is using them as a 'scape goats and will not blame OEM's for the lack of support and responsibility to provide the consumer with accurate details on how the program worked.Best Buy? They are a joke with their "Rebate" (<-not even accurate its a "Free Upgrade" not a Rebate) forms they handed out to customers here in the states.Many customers were even upset that they had to pay shipping and handling charges for something the retailer told them was suppose to be "free".My "friend" says they did not even tell customers they need to go on Moduslink's website to place the order instead of mailing in their "rebates" telling some customers that they didn't have to do anything, mis-informing the customer so the salesmen gets the sale and using the "Free Vista Upgrade" as a incentive to buy before Vista was released! I think it's a outrage that the upgrade was not sent on time but don't blame the messenger before you look to see who really is behind the pulling the strings on the, what my "friend" calls, "Dude Where's My Vista" 2 cents....

Chris said...

All of your comments are based on an OEM being the bottleneck. You fail to acknowledge, that in my case, there was no OEM involved. I ordered a box of parts from Newegg. Newegg is not an OEM. I was in effect my own OEM. Unless you are going to accuse me of stalling my own upgrade process, your comments are completely irrelevant in my case.

As I detailed, I originally contacted a very senior staff member at Moduslink. I became aware that I caused quite a ruffle at Moduslink and Microsoft. People were not amused. Things may have been shaken up and improved because of my original exposure.

The bottom line is Moduslink and Microsoft both dropped the ball.