Thursday, April 01, 2004

Well, it's been a long time since I've blogged. Too much to write up in one sitting. So, I'll just say that today I finally completed a bunch of long projects. I've now upgraded all of my desktop PCs to the latest and the greatest and completed the upgrades to my home theater system. It's cost a few pennies but I feel a lot better about things.

Of course, I was out of town in Kona, Hawaii for all of February into early March. So, these projects had been put on hold for a number of months until now. I guess I wanted to get things squared away before I start commuting to the beach in a couple of months.

My upstairs system I'm currently writing on was a bit of last minute splurge, but I got wind of some good deals at Dell and so plunged in.

BTW, I am now immersed in Windows XP after resisting for several years. So far so good.

I was googling around for some nice wallpaper and found this nice site. I really like the art this woman does with fractals. A very nice change of pace.

So, I'll quit for now but hopefully be back for more details in the days to come.

[Listening to: East Virginia, West Memphis - Charles Lloyd - Lift every voice - 1 (09:41)]

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