Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Interesting article about Comcast in yesterday's Washington Post. It tells a story of how Comcast would not let a recently widowed woman cancel her Comcast cable without supplying a death certificate for her husband. I find this yet another example of the callous and customer hostile policies of Comcast. I've had cause to phone their customer support about 200 times for their constant outages in their cable internet service. Not once have I been treated with respect as a customer who pays $60 for their very shoddy service. Comcast always blames the customer first when their internet service is not working. Why do I put up with it? I have no other option for high speed internet access. The recent announcements from Verizon about lowering their internet charges and becoming more aggressive with DSL and Wi-Fi gives me hope. When I have a choice, I will switch without hesitation. Comcast is deaf to this customer's complaints and assumes I am a captive customer. Comcast should not make assumptions about my loyalties!

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