Tuesday, May 20, 2003

During my marathon vinyl phono preamp testing, I pulled out some reference LPs to verify my settings. I'll mention a couple of these:

Todd Phillips - Released

Apparently, this is his first solo LP from the longtime bassist for the JazzGrass allstar scene. This is a gorgeous disk both in music and sound quality. Also it is blessed with a beautiful silent pressing. While it is Todd's disk, it really is a showcase for dobroist Jerry Douglas. If there is any doubt Douglas is the God of the dobro, this LP dispels any doubt. The rest of the players are equally impressive: Tony Rice and Darol Anger among others. Disappointingly, this is yet another amazing disc that is not available on CD!

Bela Fleck - Deviation

Yet another great example of JazzGrass. Not surprisingly, Jerry Douglas shows up again in a featured role. Again, exceptional sound and great pressing. I like to play the last cut on side one (Moontides) because of the great drum solo at the beginning of the song that is a great test of the resolving power of a system. A great sound system should really bring out the spaciousness of the drums as well as the palpable thumps of the kick drums. Other great players on the disk include Mark O'Conner and Sam Bush. This does seem to be available on CD. I may pick up the CD to see if it compares in quality to the LP.

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