Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Walt Mossberg writes a very good column for the WSJ. I enjoy his no nonsense pragmatic approach to technology. This is an example of his insightful approach and addresses a view on a subject (email clients) I have long espoused. As some know, I have railed against the mess that is Microsoft Outlook, I refuse to use it and made my feelings known while I was at Microsoft. I have always felt that Outlook Express was long undervalued as a very carefully crafted email and news client. Few realize that even if you you use Outlook, if you connect to a POP3 account you are using the Outlook Express engine. Further, Outlook does not support Newsgroups and never will due to MSFT's favor of Outlook's Public Folders - a completely braindead and unusable technology. Walt Mossberg addresses these issues in this article: Frustrated with Outlook? Take the Express Route.

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