Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Another day of troubleshooting. One day after I testified in front of the Montgomery County Council on the sad state of Comcast Internet, right on schedule my Internet goes out for the majority of the afternoon. Called Comcast, again, and read them the riot act. They're hopeless.

Contacted Tacoma guitars about my preamp burning up batteries. Decided to contact HMT and see if they would help me. They consulted with Tacoma and they are sending a new preamp which they will have installed locally in about a week. Hopefully this will solve the problem?

Also, found out that Pinnacle Systems will have a patch that fixes my just purchased Expression DVD authoring program to allow it to not re-encode imported mpeg video. I can't believe they released the product without this. What were they thinking?

At least my SAT dish, stereo, and phone are working. Decided to ditch the Sony CD-RW and ordered another Plextor drive. Plextor has always been the premier CD-RW. I am a bit disappointed in the Sony drives. I expected better from Sony.

Need to take the car in for it's yearly checkup. Also, need to take my new preamp in for the quick update as recommended by Lew Johnson.

Suddenly, very busy.

Weather very summer like. I want it to get cold. I'm weary of warm weather.

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