Sunday, October 14, 2007

New Micro Center opens in Rockville, MD

I just returned from perusing the aisles of the brand new Micro Center computer store in Rockville, MD. Today is the first day they are open.

This is a gorgeous store. It outclasses every other electronics store in the region. It's almost like having a Newegg or Fry's in my backyard. This new store grew from the ashes of the horrible CompUsa (owned by Mexican telecom monopolist Carlos Slim) that once occupied this location. What a breath of fresh air.

It appeared there were many good deals to examine. For example, I noticed an Acer 24 inch LCD monitor for the low price of $299.

I will be a frequent visitor.

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A Unique Alias said...

I've always thought of the Micro Center like TigerDirect. Unbranded breadboards brimming with blinking lights, that do the same thing that the pricey Intels and NVidias do, but for much, much less. Always a favorite.

If my eyes are working correctly, that looks like the shopping center with a Dollar Store and Champions Billiards and Barstools in it - - if so, I'm definitely not sorry to see that the location has changed over;

Even by CompUSA standards, that store was a dump. Good riddance, and may its successor fare better.