Thursday, July 07, 2005

London and New Song

Well, the cowards of the Middle East are up to their old but increasingly ineffectual tricks. They continue their retrograde march back to the 10th century. Like the evil losers of the past they will end up on the dust heap of history but will leave a wake of carnage on their way to their doom. As a former resident of London, I am saddened by this blight visited upon such a great city.

On a lighter note, I posted a new song using the latest Project 5 version 2 software. I started this on a laptop at the beach and finished up in my home studio. You can listen to it here and download a good quality MP3 as well. This in the style of a german keyboard player Rainer Bruninghaus who is a renowned artist on the ECM label. Most notably he was in Eberhard Weber's Colours.

Let's hope the world has a better day tomorrow.

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