Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Verizon broadband fiber coming to my neighborhood! While driving around my neighborhood this past week, I had been noticing quite a few Verizon trucks with large cable wheels. This piqued my interest and got me thinking this was more than just regular line maintenance. I stopped one of the workers and asked if they were installing fiber? They said yes they were installing fiber! Wow!

I had pretty much given up hope for Verizon. I actually started contacting Verizon about getting DSL service at my home in 1995. That's nearly ten years ago! To date, they still cannot supply DSL service to my home. I have read numerous articles in business mags about the supposed Verizon fiber rollout. I have been skeptical that this would ever come my way. Well, it looks like I will be proved wrong.

Doing some research on the net, I find that the Verizon broadband service is called Fios. The speeds range up to a high of 30 mbps! For less than I currently pay ($60/month) Comcast for just Internet access, I could get a bundle of services including 15 mbps Internet for under $50 a month. In addition, I understand that Verizon will also offer video services as well. I have been very happy with my DirecTV service these past seven years but I will be interested to see what Verizon offers in this area.

I remember when the trucks came through to install Comcast's fiber a few years ago. I think it was about 6 months to a year after that when the fiber was "lit" and I could get service. So, it would be possible that sometime in 2005 I could switch over to Verizon for Internet and say goodbye to Comcast. Comcast has provided such poor customer service in the past that I would switch over in heartbeat. The mistake Comcast made was it thought that because of their monopoly they could gouge their customers forever. They are about to get competition big time!

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