Saturday, July 19, 2003

Another hot Saturday afternoon. Today I decided to install the recently arrived Antec TruePower quiet power supply and another Zalman Flower fan on my upstairs system. The install went smoothly and I am up and running. Initial tests indicate I am running at least 10°c cooler with this solution. This should bode well for system stability and longevity.

Catching up on some software updates.

I continue to tweak my NeroCDC program. So far I haven't had any feedback. Admittedly, it is rather specialized. Now that I've reawakened my Pascal skills I keep thinking of things to add. I am contemplating adding another "mode" that would allow the program to write data in a tabbed delimited format that would be useful in a Desktop pub program. The track data would slot right into an existing table layout. This would entail adding a listbox to select the mode and then inserting an alternative CD info routine that would layout the data in a tabbed format. Also thinking of changing the file to save to the desktop to facilitate locating or renaming, etc. Looks like I'll be tweaking this one for a while!

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