Sunday, June 29, 2003

Just got back from the beach. Great to sleep in my own comfy bed again. I was pretty frustrated at the beach. Weather very hot and humid. Stuck inside the condo.

I was fairly productive with my new Dell 600m. I wrote a little music snippet in Acid. Since I didn't bring my M-Audio Oxygen MIDI keyboard I tried composing using the MIDI piano roll. Surprisingly, I was able to get something interesting out. I call it Experiment 01 - Jazz From Hell as it turned out sounding a little like Frank Zappa's Jazz From Hell synclavier experiments. It seems to reflect my state of frustration at the time.

I went out and purchased the M-Audio Revolution soundcard for my upstairs workstation. This was necessitated by the fact that my recent purchase of the M-Audio MobilePre USB turned up a glitch. Namely, the driver doesn't re-init after coming out of sleep mode. This was not tolerable for me so I decided to get with a PCI card and I can use the MobilePre whenever I want to record an instrument.

Very excited to be going to the free Nickel Creek concert at the Kennedy Center today. I'm expecting a large crowd so I am going three hours early. We'll see.

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Unknown said...

Hello Chris,
I was wondering if you knew anything about the MoblePre USB interface hooking up to a windows vista notebook. Ive uploaded protools but for some reason its not reading the M-Audio with the computer I have. Any suggestions ?