Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Windows Home Server 2 Beta –“Vail”

Just got finished building a new WHS server using an old Shuttle K45 case that I gutted and installed a Gigabyte GA-D510UD Atom based motherboard. The K45 case allows for custom graphics on the front so I whipped together something based on some Windows Server Wallpaper I found online.The Mini-ITX board installed perfectly. Then all I had to do was boot up the “Vail” install DVD and I was up and running. This will be a great test bed during the beta and may serve as my permanent WHS server once the beta is over. Some pictures below.




Anonymous said...

so, vail does run ok w this board? my plan is to build a system with it, and hook it with wdtv live. it will be used as file server and for wdtv of course. q is, will it be ok for those beefier 1080p movies, 20-25 mbits.

tnx in advance

Aaron said...

I am very curious about your Vail updates. I have a shuttle barebones PC as well and I thinking about rebuilding for Vail. I will follow your blog but do you have a twitter accout?

Chris said...

Sorry not on Twitter.

The short answer is that Vail is running great on this computer I rebuilt. Vail requires a 64 bit processor which so I made sure to confirm that the atom chip I chose was compatible. After the beta, I will buy a couple of 2gb drives and mount them internally and I'll have a very nice WHS 2 server that uses little power and can store all my music and computer backups. The mini-itx motherboard install in the shuttle case was a breeze.


A said...

thanks for the quick response. But I do have another question. Does the proc that Newegg sells support 64bit, I dont see it mentioned in the description. Also would you recommend sticking with the K45 or getting a Rosewill mini tower?

Chris said...

The motherboard at newegg is a combo motherboard and cpu. I don't think you can buy an atom cpu by itself? And, yes the Intel Atom D510 is a 64 bit cpu which you can confirm at Intel's web site:

It is running my Vail beta right now which requires 64 bit so I know it works.

I re-used my Shuttle case because I already had it and didn't want to spend any extra money ;)

Practically any case will work so it's up to you. Good luck.


Jessica Glenn said...

I use the old WHS and likes it a lot and this looks ok but what I don't like is the color scheme this new WHS(and actually most of MS software these days) uses.Everything is so pale and almost unreadable for us with poor eyes.Why this Teletubbies color-scheme on all apps?
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Emily Reed said...

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Anonymous said...

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